Moving to Canada & the Road to Home Ownership

Coming to Canada four years ago, Dennis never imagined that he would own a home so soon. After a little connection through the Rotary club, his career has taken off, and he and his wife, Solveig, have settled into their first home.

Dennis and Solveig Voss stand outside their new home with their two rescue dogs, Mary and Mike.

“When we moved to Canada from Germany in 2018, I was shocked by how much real estate was going for here,” said Dennis. “We questioned if we would ever have the opportunity to purchase our first home.”

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The pair started out by renting in Mississauga and then Caledon. They were hopeful that the climbing housing prices would downtrend in a couple of years. After officially becoming permanent residents last year, Dennis and Solveig decided it was the right time to leave the uncertainty of renting behind them and start searching for a place to call their own.

Dennis applied for Crozier’s First-Time Home Buyers’ Assistance Program as soon as he was eligible and received the benefit in time to begin house-hunting in July.

“Before it was officially announced, I was told there was something in the pipeline. Everyone knew that we were newcomers in Canada, so I had early conversations with certain team members. I learned that the company would be launching this program and once I had been with Crozier a year, I could apply for it.”

Last summer, they moved into their new home in downtown Guelph. “Our new home is so special, and it feels great to have our own property. The house is in a wonderful neighbourhood, has a spacious yard, and is only a short walk from the new office.”

Two weeks after moving into their new home, the couple had to replace the 44-year-old oil furnace. Dennis explained that the funds from the program helped them afford the repairs without significant financial strain.

“I’ve never heard about anything like this. Family and friends worldwide have never heard of anything like this either. When there’s a good opportunity, Crozier will help you achieve it. I think it’s a great gift.”

Dennis Voss stands outside his new house in Guelph.

Dennis Voss is a Business Analyst at Crozier. He supports project teams across all offices and evaluates how to streamline the company’s business processes using big data.

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