First-Time Home Buyers’ Stories

In 2021, Crozier launched its First-Time Home Buyers’ Assistance Program which provides a contribution of up to $20,000 per employee to help fund the down payment on the purchase of their first home. The program reflects the firm’s commitment to professional and personal development.

To learn about employees who have benefited from the program, read their stories below.

Moving to Canada & the Road to Home Ownership

Coming to Canada four years ago, Dennis never imagined that he would own a home so soon. After a little […]

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Home Ownership Still Attainable in Today’s Housing Market with the First-Time Home Buyers’ Assistance Program

In March 2020, David Wilcox was living with his wife and nine-month-old daughter renting an 800 square-foot apartment in midtown […]

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Leaving the Greater Toronto Area – Rebecca’s Leap of Faith

“I joined Crozier about two years ago after interviewing with other companies at the time. Everything about Crozier was engaging […]

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Crozier’s First-Time Home Buyers’ Assistance Program is a Game changer

In February 2021, we launched our First-Time Home Buyers’ Assistance Program  – a new benefit that provides Crozier employees with […]

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