Electrical Engineering

At Crozier, we specialize in engineering designs for diverse building and land development projects. With our in-house teams specializing in structural, mechanical, and electrical design, we foster a collaborative environment to ensure seamless integration of these critical elements. Our objective is to design electrical systems that are both efficient and economically viable. This involves collaboration between our engineers and the project’s architects. Working closely with developers and builders, we meticulously review project objectives and create solutions which achieve these objectives with utmost efficiency.

Electrical Engineering Process

Our team provides valuable expertise during every phase of the project.

At the Building Design stage, we provide detailed design drawings and specifications that integrate into the structural and mechanical design, while striving to complement the architectural vision for the building.

At the Construction phase, our team provides contract administration services, field reviews and coordination with the Client and Construction Manager to the completion of the project.



Our team uses 2D CAD and 3D Building Information Modeling software to design seamless, integrated building systems, minimizing design changes and costly delays for the builder.

Crozier’s Electrical Engineering Services Include:

  • Facility and equipment condition assessments
  • Building energy conservation
  • Lighting and lighting control design​
    • Photometrics calculation
    • Fixture specifications​
    • Lighting control design per SB-10 & ASHRAE Standards​
  • Security and surveillance systems​
  • Power and system design​
    • Building load calculations per OESC for new hydro service​
    • Locate general receptacles and outlets​.
    • Design power for specialized equipment​
    • Prepare network and communication devices​
    • Heat tracing​
    • Underground duct bank routing on building site​
    • EV charging station design​
    • Generator design
  • Fire alarm and life safety design​
    • Locate fire alarm devices per OBC​
    • Prepare fire alarm riser and fire alarm zones key plan​
    • Design emergency lighting and locate running man exit signs per OBC