Ownership Group

Crozier has been an employee-owned consulting engineering firm since 2004. Launched in 2009, Crozier’s employee shareholder program is rooted in the firm’s values which are built upon an entrepreneurial, energetic, and caring culture. Growing from three people to now over 300 professionals across the country, Crozier expanded its ownership group in 2018 and again in 2022, to a total of now 40 owners.

The company continues to grow its offices across Ontario and add new services within the land development and building industry. Learn about our owners below.

Chris Crozier P.Eng., Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Nick Mocan M.Sc., P.Eng., President
Kevin Morris P.Eng., Founding Partner and Vice President
Jim Firth P.Eng., Vice President
Janet Hughes BBA, CHRL, Associate & Director, Human Resources
Jon Proctor P.Eng., Partner & Director, Land Development
Brittany Robertson P.Eng., Associate & Manager, Land Development
Alex Fleming MBA, P.Eng., Partner & Director, Transportation
Chris Boyce P.Eng., Partner & Manager, Building Services
Ashish Shukla P.Eng., Associate & Director, Toronto
Jim Koutroubis P.Eng., Associate
Jurgen Koehler P.Eng., Associate & Manager, Guelph
Michael Linton MASc., P.Eng., Associate
Jesse Matchett P.Eng., BSS, CRP, Associate
Aaron Wignall Associate
Stephen Hamelin P.Eng., Associate
Jason Larter Associate & Manager, Utility Services Group
Janet Bherer P.Eng., MBA, General Manager
Geoff Masotti P.Eng., Director, GTA East
Mike Hensel OALA, CSLA, Director
Katherine Rentsch P.Eng., Manager, Private Services
Elaine Plewes Manager, Finance
Ahmad Abu Sharkh P.Eng., PMP, Manager, Construction Services
Shannon Harvey Manager, Marketing
Chris Gerrits M.Sc., P.Eng., Manager, Hydrogeology
Madeleine Ferguson P.Eng., Manager, Transportation
Mark Brennan Manager, IT
Craig Kryslak C.E.T., Manager, Construction Services
Sarah O’Neill Manager, Operations
Ariane Stewart Contract Administrator, Construction Services
Brendan Walton P.Eng., Project Manager, Land Development
Jessica Pettifer P.Eng., Manager, Land Development
Kurt Vendrig P.Eng., Project Manager, Land Development
Nick Constantin P.Eng., Senior Project Manager, Land Development
Rebecca Alexander P.Eng., Project Manager, Land Development
Ryan MacLaughlan M.Eng., P.Eng., Project Manager, Transportation
Austin Spencer P.Eng., Project Engineer, Construction Services
Brendan Hummelen P.Eng., Project Engineer, Water Resources