Hydrogeological Engineering

To complement our water resources and civil engineering services, Crozier has developed a full-service Hydrogeological team.

We are committed to rethinking water management while ensuring sustainable water supply for communities.

Before a shovel can hit the ground, land development projects must provide hydrogeological assessments to evaluate the potential impacts of development on natural hydrogeological features and functions. While the assessment’s scope and methodology may range from a desk-top study to full site investigation & monitoring, all project studies must demonstrate the impacts on watershed planning, environmental quality, and on groundwater discharge and recharge.

Crozier’s hydrogeology team understands how water travels underground and interacts with surface water features, stormwater management ponds and building structures. We provide long term monitoring services; assessing water levels and groundwater levels while advancing your project through the approval process, and can aid in expediting permit applications; providing analyses, testing and reporting.

Our groundwater professionals are committed to professional development; they sit on various industry related committees such as Source Water Protection Committees and Conservation Authority Committees as well as being heavily involved with Provincial, Federal and International Groundwater and Hydrogeological Associations.

We can help move your project forward in a timely manner while providing design opinions and municipal risk management plans. Our team can also facilitate during your Reserve Fund Study; assessing groundwater collection systems, weeping systems, basement flooding issues and associated pumps required.