Leaving the Greater Toronto Area – Rebecca’s Leap of Faith

“I joined Crozier about two years ago after interviewing with other companies at the time. Everything about Crozier was engaging to me, and they seemed to really care about their employees. They were more genuine, and it came across as an exciting and interesting company to work for. I’m happy to say… my first impressions were right.”

Rebecca Archer's First-Time Home Buyer Story

Rebecca Archer’s First-Time Home Buyer Story

Rebecca Archer, P. Eng., is one of Crozier’s senior stormwater management engineers. She regularly visits all four offices to meet with, and host training sessions for engineering interns and technologists. She is one of the many team members who mentors junior staff and helps keep our stormwater management projects on track.

Rebecca applied for our First-Time Home Buyers’ Assistance Program in February, and received the benefit for the purchase of her new home in Barrie soon after.

“Nick called and told me about the Program just before it was officially announced. He heard through the grapevine that I was looking to buy a house and was excited to let me know this was happening. I was thrilled, obviously! I thought it was just such an amazing thing for the employees.”

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The application process is straightforward – simply write a letter explaining your situation and why you’re hoping to receive the benefit.

“It was remarkably easy, to be honest. Virtually no hurdles. The hardest part was explaining what was going on to our financial advisor!”

Rebecca and her husband had been renting in Scarborough for years but wanted to start building some equity in the housing market. Buying that close to Toronto wasn’t ideal, so the couple set their sights further north, and arrived in Barrie. “It’s a beautiful city and we’re really happy.” Rebecca noted. “It was a leap of faith when we chose here, but it’s worked out well.”

While reflecting on her experience and choice to live in Barrie, Rebecca commented on her desire to own an older home in a mature neighbourhood with big trees and lots of character.

“We worried about what it would cost for unexpected repairs and maintenance. Crozier’s Homebuyer Program allowed us to get the home we were dreaming of, with enough flexibility to afford the repairs it needed. We had to replace our furnace and dryer in the first month and repair a portion of the roof in the following month. The funds we received made everything possible, and significantly less stressful.”

Rebecca Archer’s First-Time Home Buyer Story

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