Ryerson University Master Plan Update

In 2019, Ryerson University wanted to update their Toronto Campus Master Plan. This update included assurance that future campus development will support the University’s mission of their academic growth plan. It also ensured campus space planning, design and delivery are inclusive and community focused and rooted in enhancing the student experience.

Unlike most university campuses, the boundary between Ryerson University and the City of Toronto is seamless. An opportunity existed to redefine the meaning of an Urban University; defined as a university of the city as well as in the city. Throughout the review process as part of this project, we provided recommendations for the next phase of campus development, addressing unique urban/infill challenges while maintaining usual university operations.

Crozier reviewed the existing state of assets, municipal servicing and transportation infrastructure and their expansion potential. We worked with the University Board, alumni, student groups and other subconsultants to identify the Master Plan goals and prepared a detailed report on the municipal servicing and transportation engineering recommendations on existing and proposed infrastructure.

Crozier also completed the transportation and civil engineering design for Ryerson University’s Master Plan update. We identified goals and provided recommendations on the existing and proposed infrastructure on campus. Throughout the process we found solutions that allow the University campus to grow while accommodating increased student housing needs within a constrained urban environment.

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