Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the Water Sector

Data Optimization in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Chris Gerrits, M.Sc., P.Eng., presenting his research at NGWA Groundwater Week.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has a broad range of applications with the ability to drive efficiency and innovation. As the role of AI continues to grow in our industry, Crozier is committed to exploring the technology and integrating it into our disciplines.

Chris Gerrits, Manager, Hydrogeology at Crozier, is spearheading this research initiative to uncover how the vast amount of data collected in hydrogeology can be leveraged to make proactive decisions based on past results.

Our research is focused on enhancing asset management and evaluating long-term water quality trends. There is an opportunity to use AI and machine learning models to better predict the scheduling of infrastructure operation and maintenance. By understanding data trends, we can reduce unplanned shutdowns, maintenance costs, and time spent on the approval process for low-risk projects. We are experimenting with the use of image detection to create models with the ability to identify potential threats.

Click the image below to read the Water Canada article “Data Potential: Advancing AI and machine learning in Canada’s water sector” (page 8-11) written by Chris Gerrits.


Research Team Lead

Chris Gerrits, M.Sc., P.Eng., Manager, Hydrogeology
Crozier Consulting Engineers

For more information on this research project, connect with Chris Gerrits on LinkedIn, or call our Guelph office at 548-708-0022.