The Many Faces of Lunch n’ Learn

Normally Lunch n’ Learns are informative and fun here at Crozier & Associates. We share skills, industry news and updates over a noon time meal. Good stuff.

But when the spooks and spirits of Halloween are on the horizon, an inexplicable spell seems to descend on the training room in our Milton office. An otherwise innocent Lunch n’ Learn becomes a cauldron of creativity!

Grp work lots of pumpkins

With fistfuls of magic markers and paint potions, unsuspecting pumpkins are dipped and dabbled with –and before the last sandwich is gobbled – a masked menagerie is lined up to greet visitors at reception.

Although once again this year, we have been assured that no pumpkins were hurt in the frenzy – we swear we saw a woeful World Series tear on Bautista’s cheek! tiny bat image

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