The Milton Metros Take Home the Cup!

Milton office (2) Behind the smiling faces and casual poses of these colleagues in our Milton office, there beats the fierce competitive hearts of golfers at the top of their game!

Now we admit  “top” is a relative term, but last Saturday when the Milton “Metros” stepped onto the course at the Silver Brooke Golf Club in Lisle, Ontario to compete in the 5th Annual Crozier Golf Tournament against the Collingwood “Mullets”…..let’s just say they were game-ready.

Jesse Matchett in the swing!

Jesse Matchett in the swing!

READY… To play-through the on-again-off-again downpour.

READY… To be undaunted by Jesse’s dress-for-success attire.

READY….To take any and all distractions in stride (like our less seasoned golfers side-game of “cart-golf”).

AND MORE THAN READY…. to break Collingwood’s hold on the championship and bring the coveted cup back to the Milton office!

Did I hear a Mullet murmur….until next year?

The Milton Metros pictured above, front row from left: Jim Firth, Aaron Wignall. Back row: Katherine McAlister, Kevin Hoeksema, Rebecca Alexander, Sandra Vrban, Nick Mocan, Jurgen Koehler, Matt Beghin, Ben Gammie

The Collingwood Mullets: Brad Dickieson, Stephen Hamelin, John van Beurden, Jesse Matchett, Brendan Hummelen, Felix Kwan, Shannon Wilson.

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