Crozier Unveils Strategic Plan

4 photo collage of Crozer employees viewing presentation of strategic plan

Since we opened in 2004, a lot has changed at Crozier. We still embrace the entrepreneurial, energetic, and caring culture we’ve cultivated over the years; but as the company matures, it is important to take time to reflect on where we are today and to envision the company we want to be in the future.  With the help of an executive facilitator, a team comprised of leaders across offices and disciplines was formed to embark upon a strategic planning journey.  The group took some time for deep reflection, research, honest conversations, deliberation, and developed a vision for the future of the company, our employees, clients, and communities.  After months of meetings, breakouts, offsite sessions, late nights and breakfast meetings, our vision and the plan to achieve it was finally presented to the entire company.

Taking a new approach, Crozier employees, from students to associates, attended a series of off-site town halls to learn about the company’s latest strategic plan. Our goal was to align the team on the company’s vision for the future, and how we can foster an exceptional workplace where talent flourishes, people thrive, and lives transform.

Our Toronto and Milton offices spent the afternoon at the Milton Banquet and Conference Centre, and our Collingwood and Bradford offices headed to Bear Estate at Living Waters Resort for a formal presentation followed by an informal wine-and-cheese event where employees were able to review some details and pose questions to the strategic planning group.  After both sessions, everyone had a better understanding of the company’s direction and how we are all part of the journey to get there.

Now comes the hard part: focusing our energy and resources on implementing all of the exciting initiatives outlined to accomplish our objectives over the coming years. We are fortunate to have such a strong team to help achieve our vision.

To our talented and enthusiastic co-op students, engineering interns, technicians, technologists, designers, engineers, and corporate services group – thank you for everything you do. You are at the heart of everything we have achieved so far, and you are the foundation of our strategic plan.  We look forward to working together to build your careers and better communities, one step at a time.

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