Fishing for a Cause – Simcoe County Home Builder’s Association’s 12th Annual Ice Fishing Tournament

It was a brisk day for the 12th Annual Simcoe County Home Builder’s Association Ice Fishing Tournament, and Team Crozier was out to brave the elements.

Crozier & Associates was proud to sponsor the annual fundraiser for Redwood Park Communities, who provides supported transitional housing to women and children in the Barrie area.  Redwood Park Communities is in the midst of a capital campaign to build a crisis centre – if you’d like to support this cause, please visit their website.

Unfortunately, our expert fishermen didn’t manage to catch a single fish, but we would like to special mention Crozier’s Ariane Stewart for her enthusiasm and for catching a clump of zebra mussels… twice.

On a happier note, this tournament was able to provide more than $380,000 to local charities. We look forward to more ice fishing next year, and continuing our support for this important cause.

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