Low Impact Development (LID)

Bioretention Research Update


On May 31, 2021, Amanda Pinto represented Crozier at the Canadian Water Resources Association National Conference to deliver an update on the next phase of our low impact development techniques research with our research partners from Western University.


On July 20, 2020 our president Nick Mocan and research partner Dr. Clare Robinson from Western University virtually presented the latest findings from an ongoing study into bioretention soil media at the EWRI-ASCE International Low Impact Development Conference. The presentation covered preliminary results from our field evaluation on the water quality treatment performance of aging bioretention soil media. The next phase of research will continue in Western’s labs, followed by additional field testing with new engineered bioretention media compositions that will aim to optimize the removal of phosphorus from urban stormwater. Please contact us for additional details on the presentation or recent findings. Transcripts of the video are available upon request.

Crozier Expands Research Program Tackling Stormwater Pollution


As concerns about water pollution continue to escalate, we are committed to improving the future of stormwater management through research partnerships with universities.

In this regard, we are thrilled to announce that Crozier has partnered with Western University on a research project directly related to low impact development (LID) techniques. Our research is being supported by the Ontario Centres of Excellence and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. Our team will assess water quality treatment of urban stormwater runoff in bioretention cells, both in the field and in the lab.

The research project examines how aging bioretention soil media removes contaminants when exposed to real-world stormwater compositions. Following an evaluation of existing bioretention systems, our team plans to develop new media compositions to address deficiencies noted in the field study. These compositions will be tested in the lab to compare their contaminant removal performance to those studied in the field. We anticipate that developing optimized compositions will help reduce the negative environmental impacts of stormwater contaminants on surrounding ecosystems.

“We are excited to undertake this research with Western University. We expect the results will help optimize bioretention system design and better inform the land development industry.”

Nick Mocan, M.Sc., P.Eng., President

Our research partner at Western is Dr. Clare Robinson, an Associate Professor and a Canada Research Chair in Water Quality. Dr. Robinson is an expert in water quality investigations related to contaminant transport and LID stormwater technologies.

Water quality sampling is occurring at six sites across the GTA and Southwestern Ontario, and will continue through early 2020.

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Research Team Leads

Nick Mocan, M.Sc., P.Eng., President
Crozier Consulting Engineers

Dr. Clare Robinson, P.Eng., Associate Professor
University of Western Ontario

For more information on this research project, connect with Nick Mocan on LinkedIn, or call our Milton office at 905-875-0026.