Crozier Goes for the Olympic Burn

marathon – Although Health & Safety nixed the Olympic flame to mark  the opening of the Crozier Winter/Summer Games, the competitive spirit burns brightly in the minds and….muscles of our Collingwood and Milton staff! The five Olympic events – which are open to broad interpretation – are Running, Biking, Hockey, Skiing/Snowboarding and Weight Lifting. The competition which began February 10th, tests the mettle and enthusiasm of competitors with scoring (and bonus points) weighted on time spent, personal best and team drive – with selective handicapping for length of time in the workforce!

olympicsWith the primary goal of staying active (and warm) in this record cold Ontario winter, our teams may not “own” the podium in 2014 but there is no question they’ll be “sharing” it  with a heavy dose of fun and team spirit.

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