Celebrating 20 Years of Crozier!

Our story began twenty years ago on a wintery Monday in January 2004. Chris Crozier and Kevin Morris opened a boutique engineering firm at 110 Pine Street, designing subdivisions for local developers in Collingwood and the Town of the Blue Mountains.

They completed projects the best way they knew how – The Crozier Way – with a commitment to the private sector, dedication to delivery, and client-first relationships.

“We set out to start a company that not only supported the growing needs of surrounding communities, but also a workplace where people could be proud of the work they do, build lasting relationships, and have fun with their colleagues,” said Chris Crozier, Founder and CEO. “Fast-forward twenty years and our little company has grown to over 300 employees across five offices.  Our staff are engaged in our communities, tackling ever more complex projects, and doing so as a strong, cohesive group as the Crozier Crew.”

Since then, we’ve been fortunate to grow our team across Ontario with the support of our clients, colleagues and communities. We’ve learned and developed expertise with every project completed, from residential and industrial subdivisions, to commercial power centres, recreational resorts, and infrastructure for First Nations communities, among others.

We’ve helped shape many communities across Ontario over the past two decades, and we look forward to the decades ahead, continuing to create wonderful places to work, live and play. While many seasons have passed since we opened our doors, one thing remains the same – our appreciation for so many key relationships.

For our 20-year anniversary we would like to acknowledge everyone we’ve worked with along the way. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. For that, we are forever grateful.

We have lots to celebrate this year, stay tuned.

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