Finch Avenue West

Located at the corner of Finch Avenue and Weston Road, the Emery Village Secondary Plan provides the framework for development that encourages a villagelike, street oriented, mixed-use pattern of development that promotes transit, pedestrian use, cycling and improvements to the area’s streetscape and significant open space system.

Crozier & Associates was retained by HS4 Finch Investments Inc. to complete various transportation studies of the surrounding area for two future mid-rise condominium buildings, which will front the future Finch Avenue LRT line.

The site was initially zoned for commercial use, but the Emery Village Secondary Plan is slated to re-urbanize the area by facilitating mixed-use development on an incremental basis. As such, our client will be developing mixed-use buildings containing residential and commercial space. The Crozier Traffic & Transportation team prepared and submitted a Zoning By-Law Amendment to the City of Toronto, which will allow more density within the boundary road network.

With the assumed intensification, our team undertook numerous studies to ensure acceptable traffic operations post development; including preparing a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) plan, a transportation impact study analyzing multiple intersections neighbouring Finch Avenue, existing & future traffic analyses, a sensitivity analysis, and a parking supply study.

Presuming that the Finch Avenue LRT line will trigger future developments, the City of Toronto asked the Crozier team to prepare two scenarios within our studies. We prepared one analysis which assumed LRT implementation would be on schedule, and the second analysis assumed LRT implementation would be delayed. Our findings concluded that with both scenarios, traffic operations would be acceptable resulting in no capital improvements, and that development of the site can proceed.

Photos by HS4 Investments. Engineering by Crozier

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