Honda of Canada

In spring of 2014, Crozier & Associates was approached by multi-national Honda of Canada Manufacturing (Honda) for assistance in rebuilding approximately one kilometre of the Industrial Parkway, an existing four lane arterial by-pass in Alliston, Ontario.

The project consisted of a new intersection and Associate entrance to support Honda’s plant expansion, the modification of their existing plant entrance to serve truck traffic, and the addition of new turning lanes to the roadway. The project was a joint venture with our client Walton Alliston Development LP (Walton) who were proceeding with an Industrial plan of subdivision located directly south of Honda.

Crozier’s engineering scope included detailed design of approximately one kilometre of road widening; utility coordination of the relocation of utility poles containing multiple joint use partners; design of a stormwater management solution to retain the existing Industrial Parkway’s storm drainage system and construction management services including tendering and contract administration.

The project started in the spring with an accelerated six month window to prepare designs, secure approvals, coordinate the relocation of the 44 kVA joint-use power line, deliver Agreements to Council, negotiate financial cost-sharing and DC Credit requirements, tender the project, and ensure construction completion as Contract Administrator.

The joint venture was completed to deadline on October 31, 2014. This quick turnaround is testament to the effectiveness of early collaboration with clients, consultants, and the municipality. In addition to maintaining access to a fully operational Honda plant throughout construction, the seamless design connection between each site realized significant cost savings for our clients.

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