Snapshot of this year’s Crozier Cup Annual Golf Tournament


Both the Milton Metros and Collingwood Mullets have been at the driving range and on the greens practicing for the most prestigious event of the Crozier Social Calendar.

Last Friday evening, a number of Mullets were spotted at Duntroon Highlands Golf Club to take down a quick 9 after work. The Mullets outnumber the Metros in terms of sheer numbers and accessibility to golf courses, but will that be enough to keep the coveted Crozier Cup for a 4th straight year?

A group of Metros took advantage of the beautiful weather today at lunch at The Range driving range in Milton to practice their swings.  A big thank you to Maddie Carter from the Milton Social Committee for organizing this lunchtime activity!


With our company golf tournament just two days away, the Mullets and the Metros hope their practice will give them what they need to leave their rivals in the sand traps on Saturday. Stay tuned for 2018’s Crozier Cup results!

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