Fraser Institute Releases Survey on Red Tape in New Home Building


In October 2015, the Fraser Institute, a Canadian public policy think tank headquartered in Vancouver, released its’ Report on New Home Building and Red Tape with the following introduction on their website

Amid increasing concerns about housing affordability in Southern Ontario, New Homes and Red Tape: Residential Land-Use Regulation in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe is the Fraser Institute’s first ever survey of Ontario homebuilders.

It compares and ranks jurisdictions across the Greater Golden Horseshoe on several categories of red tape (construction approval times, timeline uncertainty, regulatory costs and fees, rezoning prevalence and the effect council and community groups have on development) based on the experiences and opinions of industry professionals.

The survey — which is part of a broader effort to understand the effects of land-use regulation on Canadian housing supply — finds that Oakville, Oshawa and Toronto are among the most regulated municipalities in the Greater Golden Horseshoe and consequently among the most difficult in which to build new housing.

The Report’s Executive Summary and the Full Report can be viewed and downloaded on The Fraser Institutes website.

Commentary on the Report can be found on the Building Industry and Land Development’s (BILD) website.



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