Woodlands by Sierra

Woodlands by Sierra is a community of 30 luxury, semi-detached, chalet-style homes and townhomes in the heart of ski country in the Town of the Blue Mountains. The multi-level, post and beam accented homes are landscaped with natural vegetation, stone footpaths and courtyards.

To complement the rustic setting, the architectural design of the development additionally directs vehicle access and parking for the homes through depressed rear-yard laneways. Crozier and Associates designed grading and servicing systems to accommodate the development’s design features, including the incorporation of services into landscaped areas and the minimizing of impacts on surrounding woodlots and water courses.

The development was fully completed in three phases over a 5 year period.

Read more about our Condominium project portfolio: https://www.cfcrozier.ca/our-markets/condominiums/

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