Crozier BBQ / Hoe-down!


It was all plaid shirts, bandanas and cowboy boots, at the 2016 Crozier “Hoe-down style” Staff BBQ!

Hosted at the Crozier Family’s home outside Collingwood, guests were encouraged to embrace “the cowboy or cowgirl way”. It was a family affair complete with tractor rides, making friends with Rosie and Domino (the Crozier family horses), along with a friendly Milton against Collingwood baseball game (which resulted in a tied game of 16 – 16).

Guests enjoyed a country-style BBQ, complete with spit-roasted pig, grilled fish and corn on the cob. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious … and the party continued until well after sundown.  Of course, the best part was just mingling with co-workers and their families … from all three offices.

It’s an event that capped off the summer, and we’re already looking forward to next summer’s BBQ!  Happy trails … until 2017!

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