Crozier & Associates’ Outreach to University Students

Meeting with students “on campus” provides  the ideal setting for us to get to know students within their own environment and it also reinforces ongoing relationships with various Ontario universities.  Recent events have included:

Social Connection Night at McMaster University, January 22, 2014.

picCrozier representative and McMaster Alumni Brittany Robertson participated in the McMaster University School of Engineering “Social Connection Night” on January 22, 2014. The event linked over 40 Alumni Mentors with over 100 undergraduate students to provide advice and guidance on networking and job searching. The agenda featured a panel discussion, that allowed students to direct their questions to the panel for general discussion, and was followed by a networking session where undergraduate students could approach individual alumni members to ask questions on a more personal level. Brittany was a panelist as well as a mentor for the event.

School of Engineering Career Night at University of Guelph, January 8th, 2014

engineeringRecent Crozier & Associates and “UG” graduates, Kaitlin Wilmshurst, Jurgen Koehler and Nicole Couto provided information about Crozier & Associates to a group of students, including overviews of several current projects.  Kaitlin, Jurgen and Nicole also shared their experiences at Crozier & Associates.  The session included an “Q and A” and finished with an informal Meet-n-Greet. Co-op students joined Kaitlin and Jurgen at the Crozier career fair booth following the sessions.

Information Session at McMaster University, January 21, 2014.

Recent “Mac” graduate, Ashish Shukla was joined by current Coop staffer, Daniel Dickinson for a similar info session in January at McMaster University.

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