Milton Incredible Race

It’s Back!

Once again, staff from Crozier & Associates’ Milton office raced to local businesses to solve clues and complete a series of challenges for this year’s Incredible Race. Hosted by the Milton Chamber of Commerce and supported by 8 local venues, 14 teams got a chance to explore Ontario’s fastest-growing community.

Crozier & Associates’ team of incredible racers. From left to right: Jordan, Emil, Gabriela, & KevinThe rules were simple, the clues – not so much. Each location along a team’s route included new challenges – some physical and some mental – and as each task is completed, the next destination is revealed. With some of the cryptic clues written entirely in a different language, it was obvious this year we needed to step up our game. Finishing a close 2nd, Crozier staff put their engineering minds to task and worked as a team to unravel the puzzles set before them.

Want to get in on the action? Check out the Milton Chamber of Commerce website or follow them on Twitter @MiltonChamber to learn more about how you can participate, host a race challenge to spotlight your business, or become a race sponsor.

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