Collingwood Pride Festival

Love wins in Collingwood.

We are proud to be a Gold Sponsor for Collingwood’s first-ever Virtual Pride festival.

Collingwood Pride is committed to creating an inclusive event that connects all members of the community while celebrating their core values of friendship, equality, education, respect, tolerance, and collaboration. The Pride team has curated an array of live entertainment including musical performances, a speaker series, live comedy, films, and much more! There will also be numerous street vendors that will provide educational and community outreach including a children’s fun zone by the Collingwood Youth Centre and Elephant Thoughts.

The festival strives to bring together local businesses, artists, and community partners to celebrate LGBTQ+ life, and will be held in Collingwood’s Heritage Downtown core on July 15 through 18. We can’t wait to see you there!

To find out more about Collingwood Pride, visit

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