Mike Hensel, OALA, CSLA

Mike has been providing landscape architectural, environmental, and development management services to public and private sector clients across Ontario for almost 40 years. He coordinates with interdisciplinary project teams to address a wide range of natural environments and associated site design/development issues. Mike’s landscape architectural services include the management of technical and scientific support to identify potential land-use opportunities and/or constraints.

Mike works with clients to provide sustainable solutions for a wide variety of project challenges including community design, infrastructure projects, and land modification proposals located within or abutting natural heritage features. Mike was given the Carl Borgstrom Award for service to the environment by the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects in both 2020 and 1999. He received the honour for his ongoing endeavors with First Nation Communities and naturalization design work within the Great Lakes watershed. Mike is also the recipient of several urban site plan and environmental awards for his work.