Silver Glen Preserve

Silver Glen Preserve was originally deemed non-developable due to environmental and floodplain constraints. The 28-acre site in Collingwood’s west end was passed over for many years by numerous developers until Crozier, along with planning and environmental partners, re-evaluated the property at a client’s request.

After undertaking a hydro-technical analysis, it was concluded that the flood susceptibility of the property could be completely mitigated. As a result, the client secured the property and proceeded with a re-zoning application to permit a residential condominium subdivision. Crozier worked diligently with the consulting team to secure the re-zoning and Site Plan Approval for a 174 residential unit condominium subdivision.

As part of the servicing for the first phase, it was necessary to construct a substantial amount of external works including a sewage pumping station with approximately 900 metres of twin forcemains and twin pre-cast concrete culverts with 6.0 m wide spans.

Crozier also completed the site servicing design for a stormwater management pond to provide increased infiltration, along with intersection improvements to facilitate access to the subdivision from the highway.

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