Conestoga College Recreation Centre

The Conestoga College Student Recreation Centre project aimed at transforming the 36-year-old Doon Campus athletic facility into a dynamic hub of student life, activity, and wellness, to attract and retain students. The plan consisted of a 27,500 sq. ft. renovation and a 25,000 sq. ft. expansion. Crozier designed private road grading, civil services, rooftop controls and incorporated Low Impact Development (LID) principles, including infiltration galleries to maintain the existing drainage. The redesign updated the gym and reused the arena as a new triple-gym and track, with a large student commons and classrooms at the second-level concourse.

The transformation was recognized by the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and awarded the prestigious Design Excellence Award for 2017.  Award winners were selected from more than 140 submissions, and 20 finalists were judged on a variety of criteria, including creativity, context, sustainability, good design/good business and legacy.

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