When Splish comes to Splash!

CFC pool party pic What do you do when the forecast calls for cool temps and T-storms? Simple, if you are a card-carrying member of the Crozier team…you grab your swimsuit, sunscreen and sandals and head for the Annual Crozier Pool Party! Call us sunny-day optimists but it just doesn’t rain on our summer get-together for staff and family.

Once again this year, the predicted “cool” only applied to engineers-in-shades, drinks in-hand, and kids being “popcorned” on the trampoline! Even the pool turned up the heat at a crowd-pleasing 90 deg. F.

With shoulder-to-shoulder good company, the BBQ fired up and a rainbow of beach towels drying in the sun (along with a cellphone sacrificed in lifeguard duty), fun and relaxation were easy deliverables for the Crozier crew of close to 85.

To be fair, we’re thinking of giving the weatherman a heads-up on next year’s date…

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