Stacey Hertzman

Stacey joined Crozier in 2021 as Manager, Proposal, with a priority to identify and implement best practices as it relates to Crozier’s proposal procedures. What is typically a chaotic and fast-paced environment, Stacey applies over 15 years of proposal specific experience working in various industries on a global scale to help drive proposal responses to optimally address client needs.

Stacey’s experience with storytelling and managing a myriad of details into practical processes is attributed to her initial career in the film industry. In 2007 when a new career path introduced her to the world of proposals, she seized an opportunity to apply and expand on her existing skills by submerging herself in a career solely focused on proposal development.

Since then, Stacey has been helping organizations to challenge their proposal development status quo with the intention of creating best-in-class responses.