Shelley Hensel, H.B.A.

As a seasoned consultant with over 25 years’ experience in managing multi-disciplinary projects, environmental and natural heritage based planning, strategic planning, and local economic analysis, Shelley joined Crozier in 2019. Along with her wide-ranging experience in project management in the Land Development sector, Shelley has assisted numerous public, private and industry clients in achieving their development aspirations. Her work often encompasses applications for sustainability principles in new communities, and capabilities in sustainability planning and design have been enhanced by her background in environmental studies, urban design, and economic development.

As the Collingwood’s office manager, Shelley uses her 30 years of experience in people management along with her strong interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills to maintain a great working environment and positive atmosphere.

Building a healthy, sustainable community and maintaining her broad networks both through work and volunteering is very important to Shelley. She is a dedicated Rotarian, has been a member of several municipally-driven committees and initiatives in both Collingwood and The Blue Mountains including small business development, business retention and attraction, strategic planning and community visioning to name a few. Shelley has also served as Vice-President of the Collingwood Chamber of Commerce and two terms as President of the Georgian Triangle Development Institute.