Out-of-the-Bucket for ALS

From the first video of a ‘dousing’ that crossed your screen, to finding yourself nominated, the ice-bucket challenge has flash-flooded our summer with long overdue awareness and donations for ALS. Like any “out-of-the-box” (or “bucket”) idea that catches the illusive wave of attention in our busy lives, the challenge has its champions and detractors. And that’s OK. It’s the way conversations start and change happens – one person, one opinion at a time.

It’s personal, and that’s the way it got at Crozier & Associates when our colleague Rachel Graham shared a heart-felt story of her friend, a 49 year old engineer, who was diagnosed with ALS last year. And in the surprising six degrees of separation that connects us all, more personal stories emerged.

So whether you donated with a dousing, just donated, or simply learned more about an incurable and little-understood disease that, before now, has crashed through lives in relative obscurity – it’s a win-win. And it’s hope for a cure.

Getting to blast your boss with ice-cold water? That’s just a bonus!

Some challenge clips from our Milton office:




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