The 6IXTH Townhome Complex

Crozier and Global Architects designed this contemporary stacked back-to-back townhome development. Our team provided structural, mechanical, electrical and traffic engineering and lighting services on this project. The 6IXTH Townhome Complex has six 4-storey wood frame buildings, 109 residential units, and 54,610 sq. ft. of underground parking.

Crozier designed a unique transformer system for the Townhome Complex. Electrical engineering designs typically place transformer grids on the ground; however, because the Townhome Complex’s site layout has parking situated under the whole site, the transformer was placed above the parking garage and wired to the grounding grid below the garage.

The underground parking areas of the Townhome Complex have varying ceiling heights that made the mechanical and electrical designs for the building challenging. This constraint required special attention and internal coordination to design the domestic water and electrical building systems, while maintaining clearance for vehicles in the parking garage. Crozier’s design included sub-electrical rooms to reduce the number of electrical conduits, and heat tracing around the sanitary and domestic water pipes to prevent freezing.

Crozier’s design team placed the stormwater retention tank in the underground parking area. The suspended parking garage ceiling slab, therefore, was designed for a fire truck, a garbage truck and landscaping. These high design loads for a slab that had many elevation changes because of the six unique townhouse building blocks posed a unique structurally engineering challenge.

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