Oxford Milton Business Park

Crozier was approached by Oxford Properties Group to perform due diligence in June 2017, before they acquired the 98 Ha parcel of land within the Milton Derry Green Secondary Plan.

Crozier has acted as lead engineer and prime engineering consultant for the development since inception, working closely with Dillon, GEO Morphix, Stantec, MHBC, Terraprobe, and the Town of Milton.

Services from Crozier include:

  • Due diligence of civil, transportation, and electrical work, including project costing
  • Sub-watershed impact study for two watersheds including water course realignment
  • Project management of sub-consultants and development process
  • Detailed design of primary infrastructure including roads, bridges, sanitary, water, storm sewer, stormwater management, hydro and communications, traffic signals
  • Construction management and construction administration of the earthworks program and the infrastructure

The massive scope of this project requires extensive project control systems, including weekly project coordination meetings with internal teams and clients, project activity tracking, and forecasting.

Crozier has adapted initial design approaches and construction contracts throughout.

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