MDA Global Headquarters

MDA’s exciting and unique facility will serve as a new Global Headquarters and Space Robotics Centre of Excellence in the city of Brampton. The state-of-the-art space will be home to the Canadaarm3 and over 700 employees at the front lines of the global space economy in Canada.

Working with Kaneff Group, Crozier helped design the near 200,000 square-foot facility that will feature a 4-storey office building (76,000 sqft) and a large manufacturing and lab space (120,000 sqft) on a 3.9 hectare site.

Crozier’s civil engineering group started designs in December 2020 with a very aggressive schedule to submit three months later, to get construction up and running by summer 2021. A few of the biggest challenges included an environmentally sensitive area southwest of the property and a large parking area required as MDA will employ 700 people at this facility.

“This new facility will be home to our growing team and will further unlock the potential of our world-class engineering and space mission expertise, while allowing us to bring to market a full suite of innovative commercial space robotics products that leverage Canadarm3 technology,” said Mike Greenley, Chief Executive Officer of MDA in a news release.

While currently under construction, the lab is scheduled to be operational by the end of 2022 and will contribute $1 billion into local economy.

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