McMaster University Student Activity & Fitness Expansion

The objective of the expansion and renovation to McMaster University’s David Braley Athletic Centre and Ivor Wynne Centre was to enhance academic and student life experiences. The project added 80,000 sq. ft. of fitness and activity space with an additional 20,000 sq. ft. of renovated fitness space.

Crozier provided civil site servicing for the expansion, which included stormwater management and grading of the new exterior amenity space. The stormwater management component targets LEED Silver certification for this project.

Unique to the project was how the building expansion was split between two drainage areas, each with specific outlet criterion. The storm drainage system was designed to match post development discharge to pre-existing conditions for each outlet. Stormwater management control was achieved primarily through the use of two subsurface storage systems with open bottoms, to provide quantity control and promote infiltration. The use of low-profile Triton subsurface storage systems reduced earth moving costs while providing a total of 114cu.m of underground storage to meet City and LEED SWM criteria.

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