Colgan Crossing

Crozier’s Civil, Water Resources, Transportation, Utility Infrastructure, and Construction Administration teams have been providing consulting services to Tribute Communities for two subdivision projects (Colgan 1 and Colgan 2) since 2015.  Colgan 1 is an 81-hectare property, Colgan 2 is a separate 40-hectare property to the south. Both sites combined are a total of 648 units. Civil infrastructure was completed in fall of 2023, home construction has been progressing since then, with occupancy starting in November 2023.

Our Land Development team provided assistance on both projects by leading the Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-Law Amendment, and Draft Plan of Subdivision Applications, including sitting on Municipal Class EA Schedule “C” Steering Committee, continuing onto providing Detailed Subdivision Design & Drawing services, preparing Functional Servicing and Stormwater Management Reports, reviewing Development Charges Background Study Update reports, and coordinating to obtain all agency approvals for both subdivision projects. Design of streetlighting systems (including photometrics analysis) and coordinating and reviewing utility designs by third party providers for both sites were provided by Crozier’s Utility Infrastructure Group. This Group also provided contract administration and field review of the installation of the utility systems.

Our Construction Services team completed the contract administration and field review tasks for both projects. Construction commenced from site preparation and extensive earthworks operations (composed of a large volume of imported material), and continued with two fully landscaped Stormwater Management Facilities and civil infrastructure systems, and finished with external transportation road improvements. The Construction Services team also worked with project stakeholders to ensure continuity and coordination between contractors for the construction of an elevated water reservoir and wastewater treatment plant.








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