It Begins with a Conversation.

Recruitment events are never just about finding a job or filling a position.  Whether it’s a career fair, employer seminar or networking event, for our Crozier team members and those they reach out to, it’s all about starting a conversation.

By sharing their experiences and insights and actively listening as students and recent grads explore how to translate skills and goals into purposeful careers – those face-to-face discussions help shape opportunities for all of us.PhotoGrid_Recruitment

In late January and early February, Crozier staffers participated in a series of university events including an Information Session at McMaster University, an Engineering Career Night at the University of Guelph and Partnerships for Employment (a collaborative fair for students and alumni from the University of Waterloo, the University of Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier University and Conestoga College).  We were impressed by the engaged and sharply talented young people we had the opportunity to meet.

Long before the sessions closed and the booths were packed away, we knew many of these conversations would be continuing as these student engineers and technicians begin to map out their futures and the face of things to come in this industry…..

Speaking to yourself and the other Water Resources Engineering Alumni has helped me to validate my program choice and has made me eager to begin and build my professional future in this field ….. thank you for inspiring and encouraging me to succeed in this unique field.” 3rd Year Water Resources Engineering Student, University of Guelph

It is encouraging to speak to someone who took the same summer job route as me and did so well! … development is really something that interests me, so I took your advice and applied for the Jr. Water Resources Engineer position.”  4th year Water Resources Engineering Student, University of Guelph


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