Crozier & Associates Celebrates 15th Anniversary by Announcing Expanded Ownership Group

Below is a personal message from Crozier & Associates’ Founder and President, Christopher F. Crozier, P.Eng.

The Crozier & Associates Ownership group in Keystone, Colorado at a leadership retreat.

Dear Friends,

It was a cold day in January of 2004 when my partner Kevin Morris and I unlocked the door at Pine Street in Collingwood to officially open Crozier & Associates.  Now in 2019, we are celebrating Crozier & Associates’ 15th Anniversary at a business retreat in Colorado with our newly expanded group of Associates.

Today we are delighted to publicly announce a change in our shareholder group

 with the addition of 11 new Associates.

On behalf of all the Associates, I would like to welcome Aaron Wignall, Ashish Shukla, Brittany Robertson, Janet Hughes, Jason Larter, Jesse Matchett, Jim Koutroubis, Jurgen Koehler, Michael Linton, Nuno Gama, and Stephen Hamelin in joining the ownership team. We look forward to the next 15 years of building communities, businesses, and homes with our group of 18 Associates and the hardworking team that supports them.

A Note of Thanks

We would also like to take this occasion to thank our clients, employees, partners, family and friends. Our company’s success is based on solid relationships, and your support is the foundation on which we stand today.  Thank you to everyone who has joined us on this journey, no matter how big or small the involvement. We wouldn’t be here today without you.

15 Years of Change and Growth

Over the last 15 years we have seen a lot of change – from changes in planning policies to changes in technology; through economic growth and market crashes.

The changes in our own business have been tremendous. We have launched offices in Collingwood, Milton, Toronto, and Bradford, and have in most cases have had to relocate to larger premises to accommodate company growth.  Our service offerings have broadened to include traffic engineering and building disciplines like structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Our team and core competencies have diversified to accommodate industry needs. We are humbled by the demand to adapt in order to succeed.

However, through 15 years of managing this business there is still one constant, and that is the passion our team members bring to work every day while creating solutions for our clients and partners. Building a thriving business isn’t an accident – it’s cultivated by a team of engaged, hard working, and intelligent people. And we couldn’t be prouder of the team we have built.

Thank you once again, to everyone who has helped shape our business and the communities in which we live, work and play.



Christopher F. Crozier, P.Eng

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