Collingwood Mayor, Council Hear About Crozier’s Plans

Top row: Chris Potts, Nick Mocan, Lisa Crozier, Rob Ring Bottom row: Chris Baines, Mayor Yvonne Hamlin, Chris Crozier, Sonya Skinner

Crozier’s Collingwood office was thrilled to welcome esteemed guests from the Town of Collingwood including Mayor Yvonne Hamlin, councilors Rob Ring, Chris Baines, and Chris Potts, as well as Chief Administrative Officer Sonya Skinner.

“It was an honour to have Mayor Hamlin and councillors spend the afternoon meeting our team members and hearing about our long-term vision for Crozier in the community,” said Chris Crozier, Founder and CEO.

The tour was part of an initiative by the Town Council to foster a stronger connection with local businesses and serve as ambassadors of Collingwood. During the visit, Crozier had the privilege of guiding the group around the premises and introducing various team members to learn about their personal journeys and gather thoughts regarding the town.

This occasion proved to be an opportunity to reflect on Crozier being named one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers in 2023 and the deep connection between the organization, Collingwood’s leaders, and the broader community. Crozier continues to be committed to making a positive impact within Collingwood and will continue to actively engage with local stakeholders. This visit serves as a testament to the shared vision of fostering growth, collaboration, and prosperity for the town.




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