Celebrating Earth Day (and every day) by making our office more sustainable

In 2016, the United Nations set goals improving sustainability to help mitigate risks associated with the growing global population.  Current estimates suggest that if the global population reaches 9.6 billion by 2050, the natural resources needed to support this population would be equivalent to almost three Earths. Two main areas of focus of the UN are reducing waste through reduction, recycling, and reuse; and encouraging companies to adopt sustainable practices into their workplaces and workflows.

To reach these goals, local level participation is imperative, and cities all over North America are playing their part. In British Columbia, a $68 million facility is converting curbside organic waste into biofuel to fuel the city’s waste collection and service vehicles. In Washington, General Motors Co. has partnered with the world’s largest tire manufacturers in a commitment to only use environmentally-friendly rubber. Even hockey leagues are taking part – the NHL has become the first professional sports league in North America to issue a sustainability report, which documents and discloses its carbon footprint.

How is Crozier contributing?

In October 2017, Crozier & Associates’ Milton office held a brainstorming session where close to 30 innovative minds came together, voted for the most beneficial, sustainable, and innovative initiatives, and began acting on their execution. Through multiple workshops, presentations, and competitions, we have started the detailed design of Crozier’s first living wall. Obstacles such as pricing, construction, and maintenance of the living wall were discussed and resolved as a group. The wall will be used as a monument to mark our innovative journey and our contribution to implementing a healthy environment in Milton.

Over the course of the spring, we will be working towards executing Crozier’s own Recycling and Organics Program. After completing a thorough waste audit, we found that our office produced 13.36 kg of garbage in just one day. On March 9th, Madeline Carter, Crozier’s recycling advocate, presented multiple ways we can be more environmentally friendly and produce less waste. After discussing the benefits of reducing, reusing, and recycling, our team devised a plan, researched services, and created a way for our staff to help contribute to a green lifestyle. This recycling program aligns with the UN’s “Take Action Plan” outlining multiple ways to lead a sustainable life while at work.

Switching to environmentally-friendly cleaner or biking to work on a sunny day are just a couple of ways we can each help support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals. Our simple actions today will help create a greener world for future generations.

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