Bridging the Distance – Mill Lake Passenger Vehicle Bridge

It’s been said that bridging a small distance can make a big difference. That is literally true for residents of a small island community in the Township of McDougall, adjacent to Parry Sound, Ontario.

Situated on Mill Lake, the picturesque island is a mere 250 ft at its closest point from the mainland, but if you count the number of feet navigated daily by boat to load and offload everything from groceries to building supplies – the distance can be discouraging.

In late 2014 Crozier & Associates was approached by the residents to design a passenger vehicle bridge to allow access to their island community. Our structural engineering team provided engineering designs for a bridge structure constructed with helical pier foundations, structural steel frame and wood decking and rail systems.

As the waterway is an access point to a nearby inlet, Crozier & Associates with input from the Ministry of Natural Resources, incorporated a clearing from the underside of the bridge to the highwater level of the lake to allow for an uninterrupted flow of fish, wildlife and small watercraft.

Although the structure, completed in July of this year, was designed for a 10 Tonne (20,000 lb) vehicular allowance, it has also proved to be perfect for a quiet stroll and memorable images, like those taken recently for a neighbour’s wedding album.

Congratulations to our clients on bridging the distance to a new chapter in the story of your island.

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