Our Markets

Stories in the making.

Our relationship with First Nation communities is an emerging story. Through development partners, we have had the opportunity to add our engineering skills and commitment to diverse and successful projects in Northern Ontario. We have seen these projects unfold, each one framed by goals unique to its community and strengthened by sustainability and the preservation of cultural values.  It has been a rewarding experience.

We have built a business on understanding our client’s markets and making their goals our own. It is a story of personal and professional commitment that we call The Crozier Way. We look forward to continuing that story in our work with your First Nation community.

Our portfolio of First Nation work includes:

LONG LAKE SHORELINE CIVIL WORKS – Crozier & Associates was retained by the Long Lake #58 First Nation in 2011 to provide engineering services associated with a three kilometer community shoreline restoration project. The scope of works included re-lining the shoreline to combat ongoing erosion, as well as capping exposed arsenic tailings from abandoned mining activities along the community’s shoreline. Crozier provided technical engineering and development management services to the Band throughout the project from technical design and input, permitting requisition and construction review services.


ALDERVILLE SOLAR PARK – Construction of the 5.7 MW solar park, the first of its kind in Ontario to be 100% owned and operated by a First nation, began in Spring 2012.  Crozier was retained to act as Construction Manager for the Alderville First Nation who had undertaken the civil component construction, and act as their representative with the design-build multinational, Johnson Controls Inc.  Faced with adverse weather conditions and site challenges, the First Nation’s forces worked through the winter and into the summer to complete all of the requisite civil work. Crozier was on-site for the duration of the construction, and continued to assist the First Nation in obtaining all of the necessary approvals up to the commercial operation of the facility in October 2013.


MIGIZI MIIGWANAN EAGLE FEATHERS SECONDARY SCHOOL – In September 2012, Crozier & Associates, through its association with the Aboriginal Business Network and Two Row Architect, was selected to provide structural engineering services for the detailed design of a 20,000 square foot secondary school building addition at the Long Lake #58 First Nation Community.  To meet aggressive timelines and in anticipation of unfavourable northern Ontario weather conditions, Crozier & Associates expedited designs and approvals in two weeks and provided construction management services of structural components. With the unilateral cooperation of all project parties, construction of the showcase addition was completed and occupancy permits issued in Fall 2013.


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