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We’re passionate about what we do, so it’s easy to be up for the challenge – even when deadlines loom. A healthy balance of work and play feeds our energy … we work hard, but always find time for fun. By connecting with each other on many levels, from work and after-hours get-togethers to sporting activities and community events, we build on the appreciation we have for each other’s unique talents and contributions.


Over 10 years later the tradition continues

September 10, 2017

What started out as a small pool party for our staff and their families has become an annual tradition for the Crozier family.

This year around 150 Crozier employees, their spouses and children saddled up at the Crozier farm. Between matches of corn hole, a friendly baseball game, and going on hay rides, we took time to celebrate our successes, enjoyed some good old fashioned BBQ and beverages, and bonded with the coworkers we’ve come to appreciate as family.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and special thanks to Lisa and Chris, who spend countless hours organizing the event for our team.

Crozier Collingwood’s Lawn Games Night

July 21, 2017

What does the Crozier Collingwood team do when it’s summertime and the weather’s beautiful? We gather our friends and family and make the most of it!

The Crozier Collingwood office social committee organized a lawn games night… Bring your Own Flamingo Style! Employees, spouses, and children enjoyed some fun but competitive croquet, bocce ball, washer toss, and frisbee last Friday night at the Collingwood Harbourview fields.

The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and the activities continued until the sun went down. We hope to make this event a Crozier Summer Tradition. See you next year!

7th Annual Crozier Golf Tournament

June 17th, 2017 – Batteaux Creek Golf Club

We hoped, we kept our fingers crossed, and we did a no-rain dance…but unfortunately the rain came back again! But it didn’t stop our crew of determined golfers from attending the 7th Annual Crozier Golf Tournament.

This year’s most notable player, Elaine Plewes proved she is a force to be reckoned with – not only in our finance department, but also on the greens, winning both the ladies longest drive and closest to the pin. Darrell Fuller and David Crozier landed the men’s longest drive and closest to the pin, respectively.

Some old-fashioned friendly competition was in full swing with the “Collingwood Mullets” tightly clinging on to their coveted cup.

The Collingwood Mullets team of golfers defended the Crozier Cup at the 7th Annual Crozier Golf Tournament

Maybe next year we’ll give the weather man a heads-up on the date…

Collingwood Pick-up Hockey

April 15, 2017 – The Crozier hockey tradition continued in Winter 2017, with 7AM pick-up games every Monday right through to April at Collingwood’s Central Park Arena. Joined by Ainley & Associates staffers including Dylan “Try Hard” Emery, Crozier regulars included goalie Stu “Swiss Cheese” West,  Kaile “Miss the Net” Laughton and Stephen “Snowflake” Hamelin.  All players admit a bunch of effort each game was devoted to staying clear of Chris “Can’t Stop” Boyce.  Ariane Stewart rounded out the Crozier flight, and kept the boys in line.  It was true shinny … the green shirts against all takers, a few slap shots, some saucers, lots of chippy five-on-five … all in good fun, and a great start to each week!

Milton Staff Explore Their “Inner Artist”

December 8, 2016 – Our Milton staff recently had the opportunity to wind down, and unleash their creativity, when Susan from Paint & Cocktails, a local business offering a step-by-step lessons for crafting a unique canvas painting, guided participants toward the creation of their own masterpieces. It was an evening of fun, laughter, and conversation with co-workers in the comfort of our office.  These one-of-a-kind paintings sure will make great gifts for loved ones.

2016 Curling “Kick-off”


October 19, 2016 – A mix of seasoned and novice curling enthusiasts came out in mid-October to kick off the 2016-2017 curling season, with a little pre-season practice and instruction time.

Despite their shaky start on the ice, the new curlers were soon throwing rocks and sweeping like experts, peppering their dialogue with terms such as “slipper”, “gripper”, “turn” and “skip”. Experienced curlers got a chance both to hone their skills and give the beginners some valuable pointers.

After some practice and team-building, corporate curling league games at the Collingwood Curling Club started on October 26th. Good luck and have fun Team Crozier!

Collingwood Mullets take back the Cup!


From left: Natasha McDonald, Madeleine Ferguson, Rebecca Alexander, Chris Boyce, Chris Crozier, Brendan Hummelen, Darrell Fuller, Ty Sawyers, Jim Koutroubis, Kevin Morris.

September 30, 2016 – What do you do when the forecast calls for torrential downpours and thunder storms? Some brave golfers from Crozier Collingwood and Crozier Milton attend the 6th Annual Crozier Golf Tournament, that’s what!

In spite of despicable weather conditions at the Shelburne Golf & Country Club, golfers from both Crozier offices were determined to stay the course. The “Collingwood Mullets” toughed it out over the “Milton Metros” to take back the coveted cup (thanks to Jim Koutroubis sinking an amazing 20 foot put on the eighteenth!)

Golfers on both sides had some other award-winning moments:

  • Longest drive prize went to Natasha McDonald (Mullets) and Andrew Charles (Metros)
  • Closest to the pin prize went to Gabriela Skibinski (Metros) and Chris Crozier (Mullets)

After two rain-soaked tournaments, let’s cross our fingers that the sun shines bright for the 7th Annual tournament in 2017. And until then … Keep Calm & Drive On.

Crozier BBQ / Hoe-down!


September 18, 2016 – It was all plaid shirts, bandanas and cowboy boots, at the 2016 Crozier “Hoe-down style” Staff BBQ!

Hosted at the Crozier Family’s home outside Collingwood, guests were encouraged to embrace “the cowboy or cowgirl way”. It was a family affair complete with tractor rides, making friends with Rosie and Domino (the Crozier family horses), along with a friendly Milton against Collingwood baseball game (which resulted in a tied game of 16 – 16).

Guests enjoyed a country-style BBQ, complete with spit-roasted pig, grilled fish and corn on the cob. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious … and the party continued until well after sundown.  Of course, the best part was just mingling with co-workers and their families … from all three offices.

It’s an event that capped off the summer, and we’re already looking forward to next summer’s BBQ!  Happy trails … until 2017!

Collingwood Canoe Trip


September 8, 2016 – Steady the canoe, pack up the rod and lures, and slap on some natural bug repellent, because it’s time to go camping! This summer marked Crozier’s first ever week-end canoe trip (complete with portages) to Algonquin Provincial Park. Ten brave lads and lasses took on the wilderness in 5 canoes, with a common goal: to live in the moment…and survive the mosquitoes! The weekend was filled with gourmet camp meals, including two beautiful lake trout caught by fearless anglers, Olivia and Jon. This inaugural outdoor trip is sure to become an annual event for Crozier staff.

Just Hangin’ Out

Rock Climbing - Post PhotoAugust 16, 2016 – Tuesday night may seem a bit mundane, but when it’s cheap night at the Climbers Corner, Collingwood’s indoor climbing gym, the sky’s the limit…or the rafters anyways. Our talented intern, Brad, definitely took the leader’s role, but the rest of our Crozier Climbers had a blast! Why let a little tumble ruin your night? Next week they’ll all be seasoned climbers!

Crack the Code

Crack the CodeJune 2, 2016 – The door locks. The clock starts ticking. You’ve got just 60 minutes to escape.

No easy task, but an absolute blast for all Crozier staff who took part in this physical escape room adventure. The concept was simple: confined to one of six unique rooms, each team had one hour to gather clues, solve riddles, find hidden tools and most importantly, escape ahead of other groups!

Congratulations to “The Mobsters” who were first to crack the code. And, hats off to all for making it a fun afternoon of teamwork, communication and problem solving…with a side of adrenaline.

Think you could crack the code?

They Trumped It!

euchre winners cropped_March 24, 2016 – Whether it was the luck of the Irish, the luck of the deal or straight-up skill, the “Trash Talkers” split the purse in our St. Paddie’s Day Euchre Tournament last Thursday evening.

Congrats to Natasha and Stephen who also get bragging rights at the lunch hour games.

For the rest of us? An Irish toast for next time….

cloverMay the most you wish for, be the least you get!”

The First Signs of Spring

Last Monday morning skate

March 1, 2016 – Forget the sub-zero temperatures and the crunch of snow tires, the first sign of spring arrived on Monday morning – our Crozier & Associates’ hockey players hanging up their sticks after their last practice of the season.sad face

Coincidentally, it lined up pretty nicely with the Jays’ first game of spring training today, which they won against the Phillies. Switch out the jerseys and swap the equipment guys, spring’s coming and it’s a game changer!

The Many Faces of Lunch n’ Learn

pumpkins on display

 October 29, 2015 – Normally Lunch n’ Learns are informative and fun here at Crozier & Associates. We share skills, industry news and updates over a noon time meal. Good stuff.

But when the spooks and spirits of Halloween are on the horizon, an inexplicable spell seems to descend on the training room in our Milton office. An otherwise innocent Lunch n’ Learn becomes a cauldron of creativity!

Grp work lots of pumpkinsWith fistfuls of magic markers and paint potions, unsuspecting pumpkins are dipped and dabbled with –and before the last sandwich is gobbled – a masked menagerie is lined up to greet visitors at reception.

Although once again this year, we have been assured that no pumpkins were hurt in the frenzy – we swear we saw a woeful World Series tear on Bautista’s cheek! tiny bat image

The Milton Metros Take Home the Cup!

Milton office (2)June 4, 2015 – Behind the smiling faces and casual poses of these colleagues in our Milton office, there beats the fierce competitive hearts of golfers at the top of their game!

Now we admit  “top” is a relative term, but last Saturday when the Milton “Metros” stepped onto the course at the Silver Brooke Golf Club in Lisle, Ontario to compete in the 5th Annual Crozier Golf Tournament against the Collingwood “Mullets”…..let’s just say they were game-ready.

Jesse Matchett in the swing!

Jesse Matchett in the swing!

READY… To play-through the on-again-off-again downpour.

READY… To be undaunted by Jesse’s dress-for-success attire.

READY….To take any and all distractions in stride (like our less seasoned golfers side-game of “cart-golf”).

AND MORE THAN READY…. to break Collingwood’s hold on the championship and bring the coveted cup back to the Milton office!

Did I hear a Mullet murmur….until next year?

The Milton Metros pictured above, front row from left: Jim Firth, Aaron Wignall. Back row: Katherine McAlister, Kevin Hoeksema, Rebecca Alexander, Sandra Vrban, Nick Mocan, Jurgen Koehler, Matt Beghin, Ben Gammie

The Collingwood Mullets: Brad Dickieson, Stephen Hamelin, John van Beurden, Jesse Matchett, Brendan Hummelen, Felix Kwan, Shannon Wilson.

No matter how thin you slice it…there will always be two sides!

Crozier anniversary cake_crop 2January 26, 2015 – If our business anniversary cake has a slight “birthday frosting” look, it only goes to prove the old adage. Because no matter how thin we slice it every January 26th as our team grows, it always has two sides – the anniversary of the opening of CFCA (the 11th this year) and the birthday of Chris Crozier, our Principal (11 years older than he was in 2004!)

Although it gives us double the reason to take a break and celebrate….. we’re thinking maybe two cakes next year might be twice the fun!

Hockey Night in Collingwood

Hockey 2_croppedJanuary 26, 2015 – Daylight may have been fading fast but it had little effect on the enthusiasm of the hale and hearty hockey players (aka Crozier engineers and technicians) who rallied to the call for an after-five pick-up game.

Hockey 3_croppedThere was no rink, referee or roaring crowds but more than enough team spirit on a Monday night to own the parking lot!

Mischief in Milton

Milton Pumpkin GrpOctober 31,2014 – It was a “Bring your Pumpkin to Work Day” last week in our Milton office when Nicole initiated a friendly competition to usher in the Halloween spirit. But before knives could be sharpened, a “no-carving” rule upped the creativity quotient. Always game for a challenge, staff arrived with a harvest of garbed, painted and pierced pumpkins (not to mention, head-gear! ) worthy of any fright night.

Milton Mummy PumpkinRebecca A. and Stephanie scooped first prize for their CADing Mummy with Ashish and Dan just a spell away with their be-Witching entry.IMG_Witch_cropped

It’s 1:00 am….Do you know where Kaile is?

Kaile at Midhurst_croppedAugust 23,2014 – As much as this looks like grainy security footage of a roof-top prowler in the dead of night – it’s only our staff member Kaile Laughton who, together with our client Andrzej Biniek from Kenstruct, were testing the generator exhausts recently at the Maplehurst Correctional Complex in Milton.

As the facility has to be on lockdown to take emergency power off-line for the test, our stealthy colleague rose to a 1:00 am call of duty to get the job done. The black hoody was entirely optional attire!

Save the overtime for me!

Jays - good shotAugust 26, 2014 – Sometimes, when a busy day at the office winds down for everyone else, you just have to go the extra inning. Make that… 11 innings in a tie-breaker at the Rogers Centre this past Tuesday with the roof rolled back and the crowd cheering as the Jays battled the Red Sox…. and overtime takes on a whole new look!

Hanging in there for the team in the Croziers` season`s ticket seats are (from left to right) Brittany Robertson, Stephen Hamelin, Aaron Wignall and Christine Hansen. Tough break guys!

 That’s a Wrap!

Brit's Birthday 3 croppedAugust 19, 2014 – Why let a little tradition like presents, cake or cards stifle your creativity when it comes to a colleague’s birthday? With a few yards of leftover Christmas wrap and some over-time, the guys in our Collingwood office took the guess-work out of giving by ”re-cycle-gifting” Brittany with all the things they knew she needed on-the-job…and well, already had. It’s still the thought that counts, isn’t it?

When Splish comes to Splash!

CFC pool party picJuly 27,2014 -What do you do when the forecast calls for cool temps and T-storms? Simple, if you are a card-carrying member of the Crozier team…you grab your swimsuit, sunscreen and sandals and head for the Annual Crozier Pool Party! Call us sunny-day optimists but it just doesn’t rain on our summer get-together for staff and family.

Once again this year, the predicted “cool” only applied to engineers-in-shades, drinks in-hand, and kids being “popcorned” on the trampoline! Even the pool turned up the heat at a crowd-pleasing 90 deg. F.

With shoulder-to-shoulder good company, the BBQ fired up and a rainbow of beach towels drying in the sun (along with a cellphone sacrificed in lifeguard duty), fun and relaxation were easy deliverables for the Crozier crew of close to 85.

To be fair, we’re thinking of giving the weatherman a heads-up on next year’s date…

Let the Trail Blazing Begin!

bike groupMay 8,2014 -After two previous attempts, foiled by rainy weather, it was thumbs-up on Wednesday night for the first group of “after-five” bikers from Croziers to hit the Collingwood Trail network.The open invitation to put running shoes-to-the-pedal every Wednesday after work was initiated by John van Beurden (front row, left). He was joined on the inaugural run by Brett Thomas, Jesse Matchett, Jon Sylvester and Adrian Berman. The group expects to grow as our dedicated pedal, treadmill and weight pumping enthusiasts from the office gym trade in their stationary scenery for the open-air vistas along the Town’s 60 kilometers of trails. All of which is familiar territory to our “bike-to-work” contingent who are once again parking their cars in favour of a cycle commute to start and end the day. Happy Trails to all!

A Culture of Mentorship

DSC_3797April 2014 – John van Beurden, Manager of Construction Services in our Collingwood office, reviews building specifications, protocols and timelines on-site in Blue Mountains, Ontario with Traffic/Structural E.I.T. Brittany Robertson.  Crozier & Associates’ culture of mentorship engages engineers-in-training, on a daily basis, with senior staff and fellow colleagues. This active guidance and exposure to a range of projects and learning opportunities in the office and the field, has been key in building strong technical and professional competencies throughout the firm.

Keeping Skills On Point

edited photoMarch 2014 –  Crozier & Associates Designers in Collingwood were joined by their counterparts from Milton to take part in an advanced AutoCAD Civil 3D course held in-office at our HarbourEdge location this past March.  As part of our on-going emphasis on professional development, the 3-day technical workshop focused on analysis, modeling and layout in a solutions-based approach to complex land development sites, subdivisions, grading, roads and drainage systems.

Crozier Goes for the Olympic Burn

marathonFebruary 10, 2014 – Although Health & Safety nixed the Olympic flame to mark  the opening of the Crozier Winter/Summer Games, the competitive spirit burns brightly in the minds and….muscles of our Collingwood and Milton staff! The five Olympic events – which are open to broad interpretation – are Running, Biking, Hockey, Skiing/Snowboarding and Weight Lifting. The competition which began February 10th, tests the mettle and enthusiasm of competitors with scoring (and bonus points) weighted on time spent, personal best and team drive – with selective handicapping for length of time in the workforce!

olympicsWith the primary goal of staying active (and warm) in this record cold Ontario winter, our teams may not “own” the podium in 2014 but there is no question they’ll be “sharing” it  with a heavy dose of fun and team spirit.

Dress for Success

dressOctober 31, 2013 – If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then some fun-loving members of our Milton staff were pitch-perfect in their praise when they “dressed like the boss” on Halloween. Their “costumes”, complete with the ever-present mug of coffee, data phone, signature two-tone attire and token “daddy” baby harness, took Manager, Nick Mocan, by good-natured surprise. Even Camilla – the office’s entry in the Rotary Club’s fund-raising-camel-raising event was tricked out to join in the mischief!

Crozier Get-Ups and Golf

getups1August 23, 2013 – A little old-fashioned competitive spirit was in full play at Crozier’s annual inter-office golf tournament last summer. (Please note that no animals were harmed in the making of their penquin club covers!) Representing the Milton office, from left to right:  Jim Firth, Nicole Couto, Rebecca Alexander, Jurgen Koehler, Bryan Weersink, Ashish Shukla, Chris Crozier & son David.

getups2On the retro side, members of our Collingwood contingent scored points for the hair-raising psychedelic edge they brought to the game. From left to right: Brendan Hummelen, Stuart West, Chris Boyce, Jesse Matchett, Brittany Robertson, John van Beurden, Alex Fleming and Jim Bruce.